He said to them,

Follow Me,

And i will make you 

Fishers Of men.

Matthew 4:19

The mission of Lake.Church

Our mission as a church is to lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and make waves of disciples.


Lake.Church worship services are every Sunday at
9:00am & 10:45am.
We share a variety of sprit led worship songs
followed by Pastor Bobby's message.  

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In 1 Peter 4:10 the Bible says, "As each has received a gift serve one another."
Lake.Church gives opportunities to serve from inside the church and throughout the surrounding communities.

Serve with us!
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The Bible tells us that sharing the good news of Christ is our greatest purpose. Each week Pastor Bobby's message is straight from the Bible. As a non-denominational Christian church, our teachings are based solely on scripture.

What's New

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On Friday, April 5, 2024, a number of Lake.Church members began to receive text messages stating that Pastor Bobby and Pastor Mark are asking people within the Lake.Church membership to purchase Walmart gift cards/certificates for financial assistance of people within our community. This is a scam. Do not respond to these requests.

Any requests of this nature will always originate with a verbal announcement by Pastor Bobby or Pastor Mark at Sunday worship, followed by a notice here on the official Lake.Church website and the official Lake.Church Facebook Page.
We will never send you a text message requesting donations.

SPRING 24' - Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Night at Lake.Church is the Place for Youth in the Spring of 2024!!!

Just for Women @Lake.Church
Lake.Church is proud to present our Bible Study just for women. 

Thursdays 10am-Noon in the Lake.Church Atrium.

1.1.1 project - CarePortal

Lake.Church has partnered with 1.1.1 Project - CarePortal to make a difference in the lives of families who are serving as foster in the Lake Texoma area.

The CarePortal exists to help vulnerable children and families. Requests submitted through CarePortal come from caseworkers at child welfare agencies approved by CarePortal to vet needs. Often small things like clothing, diapers/wipes, electric bill, or a twin bed can be what prevents children from entering foster care, supports foster families and bio families, and allows families to be reunified.
The Care Portal is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of families in our community! Click the CarePortal Logo to join the Lake.Church Response Team. By sharing your email address, you will receive an email which lists the specific needs of children, families, and social workers in our community, when the need arises.

 Click on the CarePortal Logo for more info!

Service Times

Sunday Mornings

9:00 & 10:45 am
6:00 pm